Dennis Blake

Just added some small comic book shows, many at libraries.Again, listed in Excel spreadsheet or PDF format. cons-and-confusion-Apr-2018-lgr-b.pdf cons-and-confusion-Apr-2018-lgr-b.xlsx

More guests at Nickel City, and Chris Eccelstone makes first con! (in UK) cons-and-confusion-Apr-2018-lgr-a.pdf cons-and-confusion-Apr-2018-lgr-a.xlsx

Don’t forget NCCC’s Anime event this weekend, the BTC meeting, andWilliam Shatner in Rochester on April 5. The list is now available in both Excel spreadsheet and PDF formats.Dennis cons-and-confusion-Mar-2018-lgr-e.xlsx cons-and-confusion-Mar-2018-lgr-e-pdf.pdf

now both the excel & pdf versions, since some folks can’topen excel on smart phones.Dennis cons-and-confusion-Mar-2018-lgr-d.pdf cons-and-confusion-Mar-2018-lgr-d.xlsx

Young ‘Amy Pond’ in Rochester & the other ‘Amy Pond’ in Toronto.Also, some coming school conventions cons-and-confusion-Dec-2017-lgr-a.xlsx