Dennis Blake

NO UPDATE ON OHIO WHO: media reports say it’s cancelled, the website isdown, and I’ve had no reply to my e-mail. More events for 2019 being announced. Don’t forget Buffalo […]

Fan World in Niagara Falls this weekend!More info on several cons, also one new eventa Library anime/cosplay event in North Tonawanda. As usual, in both Excel spreadsheet and PDF.Dennis cons-and-confusion-july-2018-lgr-a.xlsx […]

David Tennant at two events out west on same weekend!Also more guests for Ad Astra & Fan World.Buffalo Comic Con has a cosplay event June 24, expect them to announce fall […]

More info on Lil con 5, & Frightmare In The Falls,Buffalo ComicCon’s 1st Cosplay event as well. In both Excel spreadsheet & PDF format.Dennis cons-and-confusion-june-2018-lgr-a.pdf cons-and-confusion-june-2018-lgr-a.xlsx

Currently: BBC America is looking for “Welcome Jodie” messages from fans;especially HD video but fan art as well.  For details: to see results: Starting May 29: classic […]

Added AAUW book sale, Joe D’s Niagara Falls show, more infoon Fan World, and a few other updates.Again presented in both Excel Spreadsheet & PDF. cons-and-confusion-May-2018-lgr-b.xlsx cons-and-confusion-May-2018-lgr-b.pdf

More guests for Nickel City Comic Con, DW showing of “Genesis Of The Daleks” at Regal Cinemas June 11,and more info.  Now in both Excel spreadsheet & PDF. cons-and-confusion-May-2018-lgr-a.pdf cons-and-confusion-May-2018-lgr-a.xlsx

Just added some small comic book shows, many at libraries.Again, listed in Excel spreadsheet or PDF format. cons-and-confusion-Apr-2018-lgr-b.pdf cons-and-confusion-Apr-2018-lgr-b.xlsx