Dennis Blake

Both use the tag line “It’s about time.”First, the short teaser giving the Oct 7th date: Doctor Who: Series 11 | Release Date Trailer | | | | | | […]

  Added some more kid oriented stuff, mostly at the libraries. Again, in Excel spreadsheet and in PDF format.Dennis cons-and-confusion-sept-2018-lgr-d.xlsx cons-and-confusion-sept-2018-lgr-d.pdf

Creation has made public their 2019 datesplus a few more since Tuesday! Again, in Excel spreadsheet or PDF format. Dennis cons-and-confusion-sept-2018-lgr-c.xlsx cons-and-confusion-sept-2018-lgr-c.pdf

Some new Halloween related events, mostly for the kids.Also, more on 2019 & 2020 cons. The new season premier will run in movie theatres in theUK and Australia, no word […]

   The new season of “DOCTOR WHO” will premiere on Sunday, October 7thwith the episode THE WOMAN WHO FELL TO EARTH. If you recall the end ofthe Christmas special, the […]

David Tennant is added to Peter Capaldi & Pearl Mackie at theWizard World event in Austin, TX. Frazier Hines added to both Long Island Geek and ChicagoTardis cons in Nov. […]

have added a few new local Halloween related events,I pickup their flyers at Carnival of the ParaHorror. Dennis cons-and-confusion-aug-2018-lgr-d.xlsx cons-and-confusion-aug-2018-lgr-d.pdf