Don’t forget NCCC’s Anime event this weekend, the BTC meeting, andWilliam Shatner in Rochester on April 5. The list is now available in both Excel spreadsheet and PDF formats.Dennis cons-and-confusion-Mar-2018-lgr-e.xlsx cons-and-confusion-Mar-2018-lgr-e-pdf.pdf

now both the excel & pdf versions, since some folks can’topen excel on smart phones.Dennis cons-and-confusion-Mar-2018-lgr-d.pdf cons-and-confusion-Mar-2018-lgr-d.xlsx

Young ‘Amy Pond’ in Rochester & the other ‘Amy Pond’ in Toronto.Also, some coming school conventions cons-and-confusion-Dec-2017-lgr-a.xlsx

David Tennant is back with Wizard World, but not near Buffalo cons-and-confusion-Nov-2017-lgr-c.xlsx