Don’t forget, this December meeting for BTC will be theFIFTH SUNDAY, DECEMBER 30-TH Some new events, Wizard World finally has some guestsannounced for Cleveland show in March. As usual, […]

no new DW in 2019!

The BBC has confirmed a rumor that after the New Year’s Day special;THERE WILL BE NO NEW EPISODES IN 2019! Production will done in 2019 for airing in early 2020; […]

end of season & upcoming events

      Yes, we’re coming to the end of Jodie Whittaker’s first season. Who will leave?Who will stay? Who might join?   Apparently the crackdown on info out of the production […]

Still more cons for 2019 Still in both Excel & PDFDennis cons-and-confusion-nov-2018-lgr-c.xlsx cons-and-confusion-nov-2018-lgr-c.pdf

Added some Wizard World events for 2019 cons-and-confusion-nov-2018-lgr-a.pdf cons-and-confusion-nov-2018-lgr-a.xlsx

Jenna Coleman has withdrawn from this weekend’s Rhode Island Comic Con David Tennant in Arizona in early Jan 20-19 again in both Excel spreadsheet and PDF formatsDennis cons-and-confusion-nov-2018-lgr-a.pdf cons-and-confusion-nov-2018-lgr-a.xlsx The BBC wants fans to “Help curate the first ever official collection of Doctor Who fine art prints”. Nominations can be made at the website above. There will be […]