updated events list

George Takei will be at next year’s NF ComicCon, it’s not
shown on their website, but it is on his.

This weekend: Roc Con in Rochester, Comicon Erie in Erie PA,
Cosplay Matsuri (inside Unplugged Expo) in Toronto, Albacon
in Albany, Matt Smith & Chris Eccelstone in Portland, Or,
and the Buffalo Maritime Festival at the Col Ward Pumping
Station amid the five story tall steam pumps (any Steampunk
fans out there?)

Eccelstone will also be at NYC’s Comic Con and Dallas Fan Days
both in Oct,; David Tennant & Catharine Tate at GalaxyCon
Minneapolis in Nov., Slyvester McCoy & Paul McGann and
others at An Unearthly Convention on Long Island in Nov,
then McGann and others at Chicago Tardis, Peter Davison &
McCoy on the DW Cruise in Dec., McGann & others at the
Pensacon, Pensacola, FL in Feb 2020.

Upcoming local events: Niagara Falls International Film Festival
(RUMOR said Mark Hamel appearing BUT not listed at website)
Fan World presents a Pokeman day on the US side and the
Canadian Finals of the World Cosplay Masters ,