updated events list

This weekend: a Drawing Superheroes! class at the downtown library Sat 11/9;
D Tennent & C Tate at Galaxy Con Minneapolis; Barrowman in Reno; Wizard
World in Austin; Creation in Burbank for Vampire Diaries & the Originals.

Next week: The Twilight Zone’s 60th Anniversary documentary & episodes at
the Regal Cinema on Elmwood & on Transit 11/14; a big Steampunk event
Tesla Con in Madison, WI; Anime NYC, SuperMegaFest Comic Con in MA,.

Later in Nov, C Eccelstone & C Tate at Galaxy Con Louisville 11/22-24, P McGann,
S McCoy D Ashbrook, K Manning, L Jameson, F Hines, and many others at
A Unearthly Con in Holtsville, NY (Long Island), 11/23-24; BTC meeting on 11/24;
Never Surrender, a Galaxy Quest tribute at both Regal Cinemas on 11/26;
P McGann, K Manning, L Jameson, John Leeson, many others at Chicago
Tardis Nov 29-Dec 1, also that weekend: Northeast Comic Con in Mass, and
Star Base Indy in Indianapolis.

As usual, the list is presented in both the original Excel spreadsheet (blue icon)
and the phone-friendly PDF format (red icon).