updated events list

This weekend, nothing too close: Tesla Con a big Steam Punk event in Madison WI;
Litcon Windy Con in Chicago, NYC’s big Anime fest, and Super Mega Fest in Mass.

Next Week: Princess Mononoke returns to movie theatres.

Next Weekend: C Ecclestone & C Tate in Louisville, KY for Galaxycon, a Farscape
reunion at NY Winter Con, and a DW con on Long Island: An Unearthly Convention
in Holtsville, NY’s Ramada Plaza with guests S McCoy, P McGann, D Ashbrook,
K Manning, L Jameson, F Hines among others. Also the BTC meets on 11/24

Nov 29-Dec 1 Chicago Tardis has McGann, Manning, Jameson and others.
Also that weekend, Toronto’s Horror-Rama. Later 12/6-8 Pittsburgh’s Steel City
Con and Rochester’s Flower City Mini Con 12/7-8.

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