Buffalo Time Council (or BTC) is a organization of local science fiction fans that specializes in British media SF — Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Blake’s 7, The Prisoner, Hitchhikers Guide, and others. But we also deal in Star Trek, Babylon 5, and others. Founded in 1984, we are the oldest British media SF club in Western New York, and one of the oldest clubs dealing with Doctor Who in the United States.

Remember the days of camera-copy videos and rumors of a new ‘Doctor’? Now we have Blu-rays and rumors of the new ‘Doctor’ — Peter Capaldi!

Membership dues are reasonable, $10 to join, and $8 / year to renew, thereafter. For this amount, members are sent our bi-monthly newsletter, COUNCIL TIMES. It contains news, book reviews, announcements and reviews of conventions, and maybe the occasional movie or video review.

We have also picked up a well deserved nickname: The Sports Bar of Fandom. Can we help it if we are also Bills and Sabres fans?

If you are interested in laid-back fandom, drop in to one of our meetings and check us out!