for the recent announcement visit: Full Line-Up of Free Comic Book Day 2021 Comic Books Announced The Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) Retailer Selection Committee has selected fifty comic […]

Finally, a chance to update, still all virtual events! Dennis cons-and-confusion-feb-2021-a.xlsx cons-and-confusion-feb-2021-a.pdf

Of course, five minutes after I posted the last update, Creation announces several Supernatural virtual events for November! Also, the Buffalo made film “Wolfboy” runs this weekend at the North […]

Not much new: some Virtual events, an anime “WOLFWALKERS” in limited theatres next week, and more postponements. As usual: the list is presented in the original Excel spreadsheet and the […]

Again no actual con events, just lots of virtual events. Also, some cons are now announcing dates for 2021. As usual, the list is available in both the original Excel […]

First: the Oct 25th, live virtual con from Wizard World will be repeated on Sun. Nov 1st. Several new virtual events, and films reissued. No new actual cons announced. As […]

More virtual events,  more classic movies being reissued, less actual events. Dennis cons-and-confusion-sept-2020-c.xlsx cons-and-confusion-sept-2020-c.pdf