When Catherine Tate dropped out of Galaxy Conin Richmond, I stopped looking at it. Oh Boy!DAVID TENNANT & ALEX KINGSTON are nowlisted for the March 24-26 event. More news on […]

This weekend: Anne Bishop reading at B&N,artist Kurt Lehner at Joe D’s comic event. Upcoming Toronto Comicon, Cleveland Expo, Nickel City, and NF Comic Con. Dennis cons-and-confusion-2023-march-a.pdf cons-and-confusion-2023-march-a.xlsx

Guests for Nickel City Con Anne Bishop reading in March! cons-and-confusion-2023-jan-b.pdf cons-and-confusion-2023-jan-b.xlsx

Our second méeting for January will be the FIFTH Sunday, January 29th. The Jan. 1st meeting was the replacement for not having a December meeting.We are meeting on the fifth Sunday […]

Jodie Whittaker in Columbus Ohio onSat. Dec 3rd only! cons-and-confusion-2022-oct-D.xlsx cons-and-confusion-2022-oct-D.pdf