Dennis Blake

Jodie Whittaker in Columbus Ohio onSat. Dec 3rd only! cons-and-confusion-2022-oct-D.xlsx cons-and-confusion-2022-oct-D.pdf

Lots of Halloween events coming up,and a BTC meeting this Sunday 10/23. A local SF con in Rochester, Nov 4-6 Lots of DW guests at Long Island’s Meglosand Chicago Tardis, […]

Matt Smith, Alex Kingston, Karen Gillanin Detroit this weekend. Lots of Halloween stuff! cons-and-confusion-2022-oct-b.pdf cons-and-confusion-2022-oct-b.xlsx

Matt Smith, Alex Kingston, Karen Gillan, &Arthur Darvill at Detroit’s Motor City Comic ConOct 14-16 cons-and-confusion-2022-oct-a.xlsx cons-and-confusion-2022-oct-a.pdf

Gillian & Darval in Motor City Comic con! cons-and-confusion-2022-sept-c.pdf cons-and-confusion-2022-sept-c.xlsx

Gillian & Darvill at Motor City Comic Con! Both Hamilton & Rochester have Comic Consthis weekend. BTC meeting this weekend.Dennis cons-and-confusion-2022-sept-b.pdf cons-and-confusion-2022-sept-b.xlsx

KAREN GILLAN &  ARTHUR DARVILL will be guests at Detroit’s Motor City Comic Con onOct 14-16.Some guest changes at Flower City Comic Conin Rochester and Hamilton Comic Con; bothheld Sept. […]

Lots of stuff added for Halloween & next year;maybe the world is coming back! As usual, the list is available in the orginalExcel spreadsheet and the phone-friendlyPDF form. Dennis cons-and-confusion-2022-aug-d-1.pdf […]