Dennis Blake

First: the Oct 25th, live virtual con from Wizard World will be repeated on Sun. Nov 1st. Several new virtual events, and films reissued. No new actual cons announced. As […]

More virtual events,  more classic movies being reissued, less actual events. Dennis cons-and-confusion-sept-2020-c.xlsx cons-and-confusion-sept-2020-c.pdf

Lots more virtual events, no new actual events EXCEPT: BTC meeting this Sunday 9/27 Dennis cons-and-confusion-sept-2020-c.pdf cons-and-confusion-sept-2020-c.xlsx

Nothing much new for 2020, lots of stuff listed for 2021. Dennis cons-and-confusion-sept-2020-a.pdf cons-and-confusion-sept-2020-a.xlsx

More virtual events, no upcoming actual events. Lots of new stuff for 2021. Dennis cons-and-confusion-AUG-2020-E.pdf cons-and-confusion-AUG-2020-E.xlsx

Several new virtual events, no new actual events. Dennis cons-and-confusion-AUG-2020-f.pdf cons-and-confusion-AUG-2020-f.xlsx