latest news: Capaldi has filmed his death scene.
Rumors now link former “Death In Paradise” star Kris Marshall.He reportedly was willing to sign up for two more years at “DIP”,then declined.

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The rumored departure of 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi is now official. Speaking on the BBC2Radio:
  ” I feel sad; I love DOCTOR WHO, it’s a fantastic program to work on, and it’s been a   huge pleasure to work with this family….But I’ve always been somebody that did a lot  of different things. I’ve never done one job for three years. This is the first time I’ve   done this and I feel it’s sort of time for me to move on to different challenges.”
He did not offer any plans for the future. He still has some DW recording to do and hisfinal Christmas special to boot. If he ever wants a small touch of Who, he can alwaystry the audios from Big Finish, as David Tennent and the classic series actors have.
The new season is set to begin Saturday, April 15th, 2017; in both the UK and the USA.That holiday episode will also be the last for current show runner Steven Moffat and histeam. Former TORCHWOOD co-producer Chris Chibnall will replace him and need tofind the lucky 13th Doctor. Season 11 is due in fall of 2018. Perhaps, we’ll get a sneakpeak or even the introduction in Capaldi’s finale.
Already rumors speculate on Who will be Who. The bookmaker William Hill gives theseodds: 6/1 on Ben Whiteshaw (‘Q’ in Bond films), at 8/1 actress Miranda Hart, actor Rory Kinnear, comic/filmmaker Richard Ayaode, and Rupert Grint (HP’s ‘Ron Weasley’).Some others mentioned in the UK media are Andrew Scott (‘Moriarty’ in SHERLOCK), Hayley Attwell (AGENT CARTER), and admitted Who-fan Alexander Vlahos (MERLIN). TV Guide adds in with Zoe Wannamaker (‘Cassandra’ on DW) and Tom Mison (SLEEPYHOLLOW). Just remember, Capaldi was not in the top 100 at W. Hill, and Matt Smith(whose photo had been one of 32 in that collage) only reached the top 5 on the last day they took bets before the pretaped TV announcement.