More info on Lil con 5, & Frightmare In The Falls,Buffalo ComicCon’s 1st Cosplay event as well. In both Excel spreadsheet & PDF format.Dennis cons-and-confusion-june-2018-lgr-a.pdf cons-and-confusion-june-2018-lgr-a.xlsx

Currently: BBC America is looking for “Welcome Jodie” messages from fans;especially HD video but fan art as well.  For details: to see results: Starting May 29: classic […]

Added AAUW book sale, Joe D’s Niagara Falls show, more infoon Fan World, and a few other updates.Again presented in both Excel Spreadsheet & PDF. cons-and-confusion-May-2018-lgr-b.xlsx cons-and-confusion-May-2018-lgr-b.pdf

More guests for Nickel City Comic Con, DW showing of “Genesis Of The Daleks” at Regal Cinemas June 11,and more info.  Now in both Excel spreadsheet & PDF. cons-and-confusion-May-2018-lgr-a.pdf cons-and-confusion-May-2018-lgr-a.xlsx

Just added some small comic book shows, many at libraries.Again, listed in Excel spreadsheet or PDF format. cons-and-confusion-Apr-2018-lgr-b.pdf cons-and-confusion-Apr-2018-lgr-b.xlsx

More guests at Nickel City, and Chris Eccelstone makes first con! (in UK) cons-and-confusion-Apr-2018-lgr-a.pdf cons-and-confusion-Apr-2018-lgr-a.xlsx

Don’t forget NCCC’s Anime event this weekend, the BTC meeting, andWilliam Shatner in Rochester on April 5. The list is now available in both Excel spreadsheet and PDF formats.Dennis cons-and-confusion-Mar-2018-lgr-e.xlsx cons-and-confusion-Mar-2018-lgr-e-pdf.pdf

now both the excel & pdf versions, since some folks can’topen excel on smart phones.Dennis cons-and-confusion-Mar-2018-lgr-d.pdf cons-and-confusion-Mar-2018-lgr-d.xlsx