David Tennant & Catherine Tate will be in Orlando on Fri & Sat May 16-19so their appearance at Motor City Comic Con in Detroit will be SUNDAY only! Dennis cons-and-confusion-march-2019-lgl-d.pdf […]

TWO LOCAL CON ADDED:Buff State Con on April 13 (same as Ice Dragon & FC3)and Lil Con 5 on Sep 28-29 were added Some other updates as well.As usual in […]

added more anime events, and more for fall. Still no word on Buff State Con or Lil Con, excepta rumor that Lil Con might move to Buff State. As usual, […]

New info on Wizard World in Cleveland next weekend,Also guests listed for Queen City Conquest As usual: in both Excel spreadsheet and PDF formatDennis cons-and-confusion-march-2019-lgl-a.pdf cons-and-confusion-march-2019-lgl-a.xlsx

some recent news from The Doctor Who New Page reprinted below Also, Daemen College names Austin Tindle (anime voice actor)as first guest at this year’s Fubukicon (March 16) Upcoming local […]

Dean Cain out from Nickel City Comic con Daemen College’s anime event on March 16 Don’t forget Tom Baker’s LOGOPOLIS at the RegalMatt Smith & David Tennant at C2E2 in […]