Some new stuff for Aug & Sept., andStranger Things guests at Toronto Fan ExpoDennis cons-and-confusion-2022-aug-b.pdf cons-and-confusion-2022-aug-b.xlsx

Chance to win two full weekend passes toToronto’s Fan Expo later this month.—Giveaway-1-b8c50797798e39ff8b8ae46ff8c4bd23.pdf?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=FXC%2022%20-%20Giveaway%20%231&utm_source=FAN%20EXPO%20Canada%202022%20-%2… not much new, added some guests such as New Kidsin The Hall at TO’s Fan Expo; […]

Lots more anime films this summer & fall. Don’t forget David Tennat & Catherine Tatein Boston for Fan Expo Dennis cons-and-confusion-2022-july-c.pdf cons-and-confusion-2022-july-c.xlsx

David Tennant & Catherine Tate in BostonFan Expo, August 12-14. World Con in Chicago Sept 1-5. AlbaCon in Albany in Sept. is bothlive and virtual. Hamilton ComicCon and RochesterComicCon are […]

Two Steampunk events July 16 in Medina, NY;same day, a comic con in Rochester.Anime North that weekend as well (Ad Astrais off this year).Some Anime movies coming up this summer.David […]

David Tennant & Catherine Tate in Bostonin August for Fan Expo! 2 Steampunk events in Medina, NY onJuly 17th. BTC meeting this weekend!Dennis cons-and-confusion-2022-june-e.pdf cons-and-confusion-2022-june-e.xlsx

Catherine Tate was added to David Tennantat Boston’s Fan Expo in August. Also, BTC meeting on June 26, avoidGrant and Lafayette, the DiversityFestival will be under way. cons-and-confusion-2022-june-d.pdf cons-and-confusion-2022-june-d.xlsx

More events including two Steampunkevents in Medina, NY on July 16. Also, BTC meeting on June 26, avoidGrant and Lafayette, the DiversityFestival will be under way. Dennis cons-and-confusion-2022-june-c.pdf cons-and-confusion-2022-june-c.xlsx

NFCC this weekend w/ William Shatner A few new events listed, mostly later this year. Dennis cons-and-confusion-2022-june-a.pdf cons-and-confusion-2022-june-a.xlsx