cons-and-confusion-June-2021-b-1.pdf cons-and-confusion-June-2021-b-1.xlsx

Yes, we’re back!With the recent change in Covid rules, the BTC willresume meetings starting this month. One possible problem is Andrea’s health. If she tiresout, she’ll have to go to […]

Still  no word from NYS about when restrictions willbe lifted. We hope to have a meeting on June 27. A few new events:  mostly virtual soon or real later.Dennis cons-and-confusion-June-2021-b.pdf […]

Not much new, Frightmare will be same weekend asRochester’s Astronomicon. Dennis cons-and-confusion-June-2021-a.xlsx cons-and-confusion-June-2021-a.pdf

Lots of virtual events, damm few actual ones. Back to Excel in blue/green icon, PDF in red. Dennis cons-and-confusion-may-2021-b.pdf cons-and-confusion-may-2021-b.xlsx